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After two years I have finished my new book.

It is a sequel to “A Half Remembered Song”.

Les Grafton has worked on the cover design.

“The Final Piece” follows Tom Ellison as he returns to England preparing to try to restore his reputation after disappearance of a boy in his care on a fishing trip. Following a meeting at the local library he begins a friendship with Anne Pentaligon. The trial of Joe Riordon and Patrick Hanlon is imminent when he finds out that his statements have disappeared from the records. First a fire at his house and then a shooting threatens his life. The Police investigate the shooting and a link with a terrorist cell is revealed.

Tom’s friend, police officer Finbar Reeve, travels from Ireland to help him to re-write his statements, but he points out the possibility that the statements might not be  accepted in court. He asks whether Tom would be willing to appear in court. With the support of Anne Pentaligon and her brother Adam, Tom decides he will appear in court if necessary, and he travels with Finbar to face Riordon and Hanlon at the trial.

“The Final Piece” is available as a paperback or an eBook from Amazon and booksellers.

The Final Piece