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Welcome to my website

It contains my recent work and over 50 years working in a variety of media. It reflects my insatiable striving to explore subjects that have interested me throughout my life and I hope you find it interesting.

I am a retired Art teacher with more than forty years teaching. Throughout my teaching life I have written plays and musicals. In retirement I have written and produced a DVD’s on history and one on fishing for beginners. I have carried on my love of teaching into retirement, by writing fishing guides for beginners.

In recent years I have published two novels: BY PROXY and A HALF REMEMBERED SONG.  You can see samples of these, and my other work by clicking on to the appropriate Image.

I have produced this website in the hope that my work may be of interest to a wider audience than family, friends and next door’s dog. In that spirit, I would be pleased to carry information here on the creativity of others by setting up a link to their work.

If you write, compose, paint, pot, write music etc, let me have a brief resume and contact details and I’ll happily put it here.

Please contact me on


Telephone 01926334443

Since BY PROXY was published, I have been working on two story lines.

A sequel to A HALF REMEMBERED SONG has required a lot of research.

I have also started another case for Frank Brice.

It might seem a strange way of working, but I found it useful in avoiding "writer's block".

I am at a  point when I must decide which story generates a head of steam to drive forward