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“Start Fishing” began life as a series of booklets called “Young Angler” which I wrote for use with children learning to fish at Kingfisher Pool in Warwick. They were produced on my computer with my own illustrations and (painfully) by the “one finger” typing technique.

In time, it seemed there was a need to produce something more substantial and for a wider audience (fishing being the nation’s favorite pass-time), so the first Edition of “Start Fishing” was produced in a larger format and with a more substantial cover.

A new cover design and updated material heralded the second Edition of “Start Fishing” in 2009. Because it deals with the needs of beginners, it has not been subject to fashion and complicated method changes, but retains the basic elements for the novice.

As an inexpensive way to introduce a young person to fishing and something to “dip into” from time to time, the “Start Fishing” booklet is ideal.

However, the popularity of computers and the recognition that film had a vital role to play in illustrating certain aspects of the sport, it was obvious a video version would be attractive addition.

The Angling Foundation funded the DVD version of “Start Fishing”, which is essentially dealing with the same issues as the booklet, but allows beginner and his/her mentor to sit down together and watch/pause/replay at will.