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Regeneration is a DVD recording the 900 year history of Saint Nicholas Church in Radford Semele. The church was largely destroyed internally in 2008 by an arson attack.



Please click here to see some of the film

Having been at the centre of the village, both physically and spiritually, for all that time I felt it was essential to produce a record of its history and its place in the village’s life in case it was not to be restored. However, a Restoration Fund was set up.

I made appeals for items of church history and other research, together with present day filming of fund raising events and other activities enabled me to gather sufficient material for the most part. For the gaps I produced my own illustrations The slow response from church authorities to agree to the proposed restoration plans meant the building was not be completed until 2013. I was able to film the restoration at all stages right up to its eventual reopening.

I wrote and recorded the commentary and edited the film just before the church re-opened in 2013. The local Community Forum offered to meet the cost of making copies and they were put on sale, with all profits going to the Restoration Fund.




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