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Railway Tales

Railway Tales is a recording of stories about the people who inhabited a country railway line in the 1930’s. Written by John Jacques, it captures beautifully the atmosphere and the characters clearly come from his memories as a young boy starting work on the railways.

Meet Treacle and his dog Fred, Owd Sawdust, Jobber, The Ganger, The  Lad and Sir Joshuah Crabtree-Bough

It is charming, funny and an insight into times past, with characters who appeal through their eccentricities and a simple outlook on life. It is a fascinating insight into their working practices.

Railway Tales was produced by the late Malcolm Curtis who gave me the great pleasure of recording them.

I think they are something of a minor classic.

Old Ben and the Lad

Sale Day

The Birthday Party

The Night Mail

The Platelayer’s Motor Trolley

Treacle and Fred

Old Ben and the Lad.mp3 Sale Day.mp3 The Birthday Party 38 10.mp3 The Night Mail.mp3 The Platelayer's Motor Trolley.mp3 Treacle and Fred.mp3


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