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Welcome to my Website

It contains samples of my work in a variety of media produced in over 50 years, and in wide range of subjects.  I am a retired Art teacher.  Throughout my teaching life I have written plays, musicals, fishing manuals and videos. In retirement I have concentrated on writing.

My first novel was “A Half Remembered Song” was published on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Two years after the mysterious disappearance of one of his pupils, discredited teacher Tom Ellison returns to Ireland after receiving a cryptic postcard that might help to solve the mystery, and restore his reputation. His return to the scene of his worst nightmare triggers a series of dramatic events, include an attempt on his own life, and the mysterious death of the woman he believes might be the key to his search. Links to terrorism lead to the dramatic arrest of the perpetrators and the recovery of the boy’s body.

My new novel is the sequel to  

“A Half Remembered Song”.

It is now available on Amazon

in paperback and Kindle.

It begins where Tom Ellison returns to England and starts his search for a job. He forms a friendship with Ann Pentaligon. There is a fire at his house and there is attempt on his life. His friend Detective Constable Finbar Reeve tells him that his evidence on the case has gone missing. He is persuaded to return to Ireland to give evidence at the trial of Joe Riordon.  Riordon is found guilty  and Tom is able to make peace with the mother of the missing boy. We are left to wonder how Tom’s relationship with Ann Pentaligon will develop.


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