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Emma Jane

Emma Jane is a musical I wrote in collaboration with my friend Peter Irvine and it had its first performance at the Warwick University Arts Centre in 1986.

Emma Jane from Emma Jane

Tomorrow is another Day from Emma Jane

Emma Jane T mp3.mp3 Tommorow is another day.1 treated.mp3

Emma Jane opens in the present day when young Sarah is looking through the personal effects of her grandmother, who has recently died. She comes across her grandmother’s diary as a young girl. As Sarah reads it, the events come alive and we are drawn into the story of Emma Jane Garland and her brother Jem. Having fallen on bad times due to the crooked dealings of lawyer Jeremiah Grimstone, her broken father dies.

Emma Jane and Jem travel to London to seek out a long lost uncle in the hope that he can help to solve their problems. They meet a group of circus performers who promise to help in the search. A thug hired by Lawyer Grimstone makes an attempt on Emma’s life, but she is saved by Samuel a circus barker and Police Constable Pilbeam.

Working together their new friends discover that their uncle is a famous actor and find him in the lodging house of Belle Bonnet and when their plight is revealed he promises to bring Grimstone to justice and restore their stolen properties.


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